Hi!!  My name is Brittany!

I am a southern girl, born and raised in a small town in south Alabama. I am part of a big family, and am passionate about serving and building relationships with people. You can usually find me eating ice-cream or Starbursts, and I love a cozy cup of coffee every morning (or maybe a frappe mid-day when I’m on the go)!! I am married to my best friend, and we are expecting a baby girl this summer!!! Oh, and I’m a Wedding Photographer!! 🙂

My husband and I believe in strong, biblical marriages and sustaining love through a lifetime. We believe that a successful marriage requires sacrifice and choosing every day to think of your spouse over yourself.

We believe that photographs stop time and preserve joyous memories of loved ones and relationships beyond the wedding day. At the heart of Brittany Jayde Photography is the desire for our clients to leave a legacy of love for the generations to come. Leaving a legacy through both the images and the loving relationships of the people in the photographs. A legacy of a loving marriage that was fought for each day and made it to the final days.

Our style is full of light, it is joyful, romantic, beautiful, and genuine. We enjoy shooting weddings for people who deeply love each other and have meaningful relationships with their family and friends. We also love capturing the uniqueness of each relationship and sharing your beautiful story! It is our desire to serve our bride and grooms to a different level than strictly professionalism. We want to walk through this process with you and celebrate this momentous and life changing event that lasts through the generations to come. If you’d like to learn more about the process and experience head over to the Contact page and shoot us an email!!


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